Šumavská Tower

High-rise buildings are a dominant feature of larger cities. This is also the case in Brno, where the intention to build bold projects was evident throughout the 20th century. The reconstruction and revitalization of the complex of three skyscrapers from the 1960s began in 2015. There was a replacement and insulation of all three buildings, which were connected by a new shopping arcade, to which we supplied showcases, glazing, and sliding automatic doors.








The reconstruction of three high-rise buildings from the 1960s also involved new cladding, revitalization of the surroundings, and interconnection of the buildings through a commercial passage. The high frequency of visitors was taken into account, as the building will house up to 2,400 employees. There are also planned commercial spaces that will be used by local residents. It was therefore important to use quality materials and components that will withstand a large number of passers-by.


For the commercial passage of the reconstructed buildings, we supplied interior glass showcases that contrast with the flower wall and complete the modern and minimalist architectural design of the commercial spaces. We used Tormax sliding automatic doors, which are adapted to a large number of passers-by. Due to the planned frequency of opening, maintenance of the components will be carried out twice a year.


Collaboration with the Designer

The project was part of a large-scale renovation of three high-rise office buildings. It was important to work closely on the final appearance of the used elements to create a cohesive whole.

Durable Materials and Technologies

The buildings house over 2,400 employees who walk through the doors every day. It was important to choose technologies that could handle the high traffic flow.

Reliable follow-up service

Given the large number of pass-throughs, particularly opening components require follow-up service which checks the smooth operation and safety of visitors. The service at Šumavská Tower takes place twice a year.

Completion Required Changes

The goal of the project was to reconstruct high-rise buildings, as well as to complete and connect administrative buildings that housed, for example, the Ředitelství silnic a dálnic (Directorate of Highways and Roads), the Financial Office, the City of Brno Magistrate, and many other companies and institutions. It was therefore important to cooperate quickly and reliably so that the authorities could re-establish themselves in the buildings and expand the spaces for additional tenants.


Thanks to the extensive reconstruction, Brno gained modernized high-rise buildings and an elegant shopping arcade, which will be further expanded. At the same time, the place has also come to life for local residents who can enjoy the comfortable and stylish shopping arcade.


1 month
lenght of the project realisation
2.400 persons
Persons passages the shopping premises daily
1× year
Service and maintenance