Beethoven Spa Teplice

The Thermalia building, which is part of the Beethoven Spa House, guards the Pravřídlo thermal spring. The healing water has a beneficial effect on the body, but it presents a challenge for the materials used, especially the glass facade and its aluminum frames.








The basic requirement was to increase the capacity of thermal water pools for spa guests. However, the change also concerned the appearance of the spaces, which were to be closer to a modern relaxation environment, rather than a home bathroom. The glazing was intended to complement the minimalist interior with invaluable daylight. The challenge was presented by the thermal water, which continuously acts on the surfaces. The speed of implementation was also important, as the reconstruction of the Beethoven Spa House restricted its operation.


The object was completed in 2019 and the installation of the glass and aluminum structural façade was finished within 1 month. The original spa building was reconstructed and an extension was also built, incorporating historical elements. Right next to the pool, we can find the original statue of the pig herder and the girl scooping up water.

The geyser water reaches temperatures up to 35°C and together with minerals is very abrasive on the surface of the glass frames. That's why a komaxit treatment was used. It is a special procedure that makes the frame resistant to moisture and suitable for aggressive environments. A sandblasted imprint on the glass was also created to measure. Compared to the original plan of showcases with the Teplice lion motif, we proposed a direct screen print on the four-meter glass, which significantly reduced the cost of glazing.


Modernization and Capacity Increase of Spa House

Before the renovation, only 25 people could enjoy the healing spring. With the reconstruction and extension of the building, two new pools with a capacity of up to 80 people were created.

Implementation of historical and historicizing elements

The Beethoven Spa House breathes the genius loci since the times when the famous composer stayed here. The goal was to create a modern environment that reflects the history and tradition of the Teplice spa.

Use of durable materials

Thermal springs have a beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system, but their mineral composition and increased humidity in the interior can be aggressive to all equipment. Therefore, it was necessary to choose very durable surface treatments for the glazing frames.

Maximum privacy for spa guests

The goal was to create an airy and light environment, also thanks to the glass walls. However, it was also important to maintain the privacy and comfort of the guests. We worked with graphic screens placed as a screen print directly on the 4-meter glass surfaces.


An exclusive spa complex was created in Teplice, where visitors can fully enjoy the healing environment of the thousand-year-old spring, while being watched over by the Teplice Lion, visible through our glass walls.


80 guests
pool capacity increase
1 month
realization of the project
4 meters
length of custom printed glass