Shopping centres

Shopping centers are projects that fulfill diverse requirements for various elements. We supply both entrance automatic doors, as well as fire and structural facade doors and gates. Emphasis is also placed on security aspects and special glass. Our services also include subsequent maintenance, which usually takes place once a year.






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Shopping centers are projects that have various requirements for different elements. We provide both automatic entrance doors, fireproof doors and gates, and structural facades. Emphasis is also placed on safety components and special glass. Our services also include subsequent maintenance, which typically takes place once a year.


For the convenience of customers, automatic doors are usually used. Shopping centers also require display windows. Large areas of display glazing must be resistant to temperature fluctuations - they are heated by the sun outside, or cooled in winter. On the other hand, there is a constant temperature inside the building. Display windows resist temperature mismatches due to the technology of bonded glass. External tempered glass prevents cracking due to thermal shock.

However, each building is different, so we must also adapt to individual requirements, provide surveying and custom documentation processing.

Shopping centers also depend on smooth supply, which must be convenient and also comply with safety regulations. For these parts of the building (rear warehouses), we supply, for example, Peneder steel doors.


Customization of the building

Each project has individual execution requirements, and we focus on fulfilling them, including all necessary documentation. This includes, for example, connection to the cladding and substructure, etc.

Durable Materials and Technologies

We must take into account discrepancies in internal and external temperatures, high frequency of visitors, energy demands, and security requirements when building shopping centers.

Reliable After-Sales Service

Especially automatic opening elements are in operation usually throughout the day for a large part of the year. Therefore, after-sales service is an important part of the project, and we usually perform it once a year.


In shopping centers, a larger number of people usually gathers, so safety is very important. Measures in the project can be found, for example, in the form of fire-resistant facades, sensors, and doors to escape routes, which meet the ČSN EN 16005 standard.


Shopping centers are, with regard to the supplied technologies, a demonstration of our work from a technical and technological perspective, as well as from the perspective of possible cooperation with other construction suppliers.


ČSN EN 16005
safety standards escape exit door has to meet
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