Sectional doors for industrial buildings

Sectional door Hörmann are suitable namely for industrial, production or warehouse buildings. The sectional door are well known for its durability, functional site, certified safety qualities and variable design.

Sectional doors for industrial buildings

Sectional industrial doors open vertically upwards, and therefore have no specific requirements for space in front or behind. The door panels slide flat under the ceiling when opened, either through a vertical opening or they can follow the slope of the roof. An advantage is also the very small storage depth, which is particularly desirable, for example, in spaces with skylights, glazed roofs, or facades.

Hörmann sectional industrial doors can boast good thermal insulation properties, making them ideal for heated spaces. They can be complemented with a ThermoFrame frame, which ensures the interruption of the thermal bridge between the frame and the masonry. There are sealing flaps on both sides of the Hörmann industrial doors, and double sealing can be found at the translation point. By combining these elements, it is possible to increase the coefficient of thermal insulation by up to 21%.

In most cases, we complement industrial doors with DURATEC glazing, which also withstands demanding industrial conditions. Its special surface treatment prevents dirt from adhering and is very resistant to scratches.