Plastic draft shields

Plastic draft shields consist of vertical slats. Material of the slat is PVC. They fill the garage doors' holes in industrial and other premises.

Plastic draft shields

Swing doors made of PVC are adapted to the intended use, which is reflected in the use of softened PVC filling. The doors open by pushing or hitting the door leaf, making it easy, quick and worry-free to drive handling equipment, such as pallet or forklift trucks, through them. The doors close automatically after passing through them, thanks to the spring mechanism.

In addition to the above-mentioned advantages, swing doors offer several other benefits. They effectively prevent thermal losses and drafts, eliminate noise and dirt from spreading into the surrounding environment. They are often used to separate heated and unheated areas as well.



Standard claddings consist of transparent slats with a width/thickness of 200/2 mm, 300/3 mm or 400/4 mm. They can be used in a temperature range from -15° C to +60 °C. Due to the material used, they are not suitable for freezer boxes.


Claddings specially designed for freezer boxes are most commonly made of slats with a width/thickness of 200/2 mm and 300/3 mm and can withstand temperatures from +5° C to -45° C. Due to the material properties, we do not recommend installing this type of cladding in places with higher temperatures or permanent sunlight.


We also offer draft-proof claddings in ten different colors, with the option to choose between transparent and translucent PVC slats. Colored draft-proof claddings are used in places where some degree of privacy is required or the goal is to match the design with the rest of the interior or corporate colors.

We also provide special claddings for welding boxes, whose slats made of dark plastic with a UV filter prevent the penetration of ultraviolet rays.


We supply mobile gates in a folding or sliding variant.

Folding gate barriers can be folded to the side using a pull cord similar to vertical blinds. Based on our experience, this type of gate barrier can be used on gate openings with a maximum height of 3.5 m to function properly.

Sliding gate barriers move in rails, either across the entire width of the gate opening or within its defined sections. These mobile systems are used in areas where pedestrian traffic and manual pallet truck traffic predominate.