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Loading equipment

Loading equipment

Loading ramps with folding or extendable front

Hörmann loading ramps are an indispensable tool in the loading areas of any larger warehouse or manufacturing company. They allow for precise leveling of the height difference between the cargo bed of trucks and the loading ramp, which makes loading and unloading goods more comfortable, but above all safer and more efficient.

Hörmann loading ramps are made of a truly robust steel construction, which makes them resistant to twisting and easily capable of leveling even the lateral slope of a vehicle with unevenly distributed cargo.

These loading ramps are equipped with a hydraulic system with two lifting cylinders and one wedge cylinder. The ramp is controlled very intuitively, and automatic emergency stop valves in the lifting cylinders ensure safety.

Sealing curtains

Hörmann sealing curtains effortlessly connect the cargo space of a vehicle to the loading opening of a building. Employees and goods are thus protected from the vagaries of weather, and drafts and heat or cold leaks from storage spaces are prevented.

Hörmann sealing curtains are universal and always adapt to the size of the respective truck. The material from which the side and top covers of the curtain are made was selected with the intended use in mind and is therefore highly resistant to tearing. The cover is reinforced with a galvanized push-in frame, which gives the sealing curtain stability and flexibility.

Individual components of the Hörmann sealing curtain can be easily screwed on/off, which provides convenient installation and inexpensive replacement.

In addition to standard sealing curtains, we also offer those for special use (such as inflatable sealing curtains or cushion sealing curtains).