High speed garage doors Hörmann

High speed garage doors Hörmann are often udesd in supermarket premises, warehouses, evacuation routes, food industry laboratories and laboratories with danger of explosion. Doors can be used as indoor as well as exterior doors.

High speed garage doors Hörmann

High-speed doors help optimize traffic flow, improve climatic conditions in rooms, and reduce energy consumption.

Whether you require transparent doors with vertical or horizontal opening and flexible curtains, a combination of high-speed doors with sectional or rolling doors, or powerful spiral doors, Hörmann products will always offer you the ideal solution.

Non-contact safety

Thanks to non-contact safety in the form of a light grid built directly into the frame of high-speed doors, there is no need to deal with any additional safety installations. The light grid ensures monitoring of the closing plane up to a height of 2500 mm.

Long lifespan and high cost-effectiveness

The long lifespan of high-speed doors is achieved through several tricks that minimize wear during normal use. These include gradual acceleration and deceleration of the doors, as well as a control unit with a frequency converter that ensures quiet operation and lower stress on the mechanics of the doors. Hörmann high-speed doors have a high opening/closing speed, thereby increasing work efficiency while preventing unnecessary loss of warm or cold air from the room/building.

Excellent insulation and door surface finish

Perfect insulation properties are ensured by a uniform filling of polyurethane foam in combination with double-walled, hot-dip galvanized slats, whose surface is perfectly processed on both the outside and inside.

Optional glazing

High-speed doors can be equipped with glazed openings according to your preferences. DURATEC double glazing is normally used, which is characterized by good thermal insulation properties, a thickness of 26 mm, and scratch resistance. To achieve even better insulation properties, we recommend choosing insulated triple glazing.