High speed garage doors DYNACO

High speed garage doors DYNACO are suitable for high frequented premises. They are reliable and safe when used in industrial and warehouse buildings. The doors can be used in food and chemical premises etc.

High speed garage doors DYNACO

The fast-rolling door foils of DYNACO do not contain any solid parts (such as reinforcements or solid lower end bars) that could endanger the user's health, damage passing vehicles, or transported cargo upon direct contact. In addition, the foil is resistant to oils, fats, and solvents. Unlike other types of fast-rolling doors, DYNACO doors do not require any additional safety equipment.

DYNACO fast-rolling doors can be integrated into cascade control systems, connected to EPS, EZS, and the like.

Easy operation and long lifespan

The foil of DYNACO fast-rolling doors is flexible, strong, and very resistant, which allows it to immediately and perfectly adapt to any situation in case of impact. After an impact, it disconnects from the guide rail and safely returns to it by itself during the following opening/closing cycle (thanks to the self-guiding block system). The whole process takes only a few seconds, and the doors are quickly ready for operation again. Considering the mentioned self-guiding block system, the doors require almost no maintenance and can boast a long lifespan.

Excellent sealing

The foil of the doors is well sealed around its entire perimeter. In the upper part, there is a movable seal that isolates the space between the fast-rolling door structure and the threshold. On the sides, the foil is perfectly fitted into the guide rails, and the lower part of the foil reaches the ground.

High resistance to wind impact

The fast-rolling door foil is made of durable material and does not contain any solid parts that could be deformed in strong winds. Additionally, it is mounted in specially reinforced guide rails. Therefore, the doors can withstand wind speeds of up to 160 km/h.

Minimal maintenance and repair costs

DYNACO fast-rolling foil doors do not contain any parts that would need to be regularly replaced, which significantly reduces their operating costs and increases the return on investment in their acquisition.

Wide selection of additional features

Fast-rolling doors can be equipped with additional control, structural, and safety features according to your wishes, such as windows, viewing strips, different foil colors, thermal insulation foils, foil printing according to customer requirements, motor covers, guide rail and shaft covers made of stainless steel, control radars, pull switches, remote controls, induction loops, cascade control systems, beacons, traffic lights, UPS backup power sources, and others.