Routine aluminium windows and doors maintenance is quite easy and almost anyone can learn it.

It is important to clean your aluminum windows and doors regularly and follow a few basic rules. This will keep them in perfect condition for longer and extend their (already quite long) lifespan.

So, let's talk about how to clean aluminum windows (and aluminum doors) and how to approach their maintenance in general. It has already been suggested that it is desirable to clean aluminum structures regularly.

The frequency of cleaning depends mainly on the aggressiveness of the surrounding environment and should be done at least twice a year. Regular maintenance will prevent strong pollution, which is then removed only with great difficulty.

Wash the frames of aluminum windows and doors with a mild cleaning solution (such as dish soap) and warm water in a ratio of about 1:20. Use a gentle cloth or sponge and do not press unnecessarily hard. Rinse the cleaned surfaces with clean cold water at the end.

Avoid harsh cleaning agents with abrasive ingredients and agents that react with aluminum, as well as wire brushes, sandpaper, or sharp objects - there is a risk of damaging the surface of the aluminum frame and its permanent devaluation! There is probably no need to talk about acids, solvents, thinners, and other aggressive chemicals.

Do not clean aluminum profiles dry or with steam cleaners.

In the winter, be careful not to use salt or other chemicals to remove ice near aluminum doors and other aluminum systems that are located close to the ground - this could also damage the surface of the aluminum frame.

And that's more or less it. Basically, it is enough to remember that aluminum structures are cleaned exclusively with gentle methods - soapy water or water with soap and a cloth or sponge.

In the case of maintenance of aluminum windows and doors, which is not related to cleaning, it is always safer to contact a professional service. Inspection and maintenance by a professional should be carried out once a year.

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