To choose garage doors can be a piece of cake. We would like to be your guide and we have prepared couple of steps you need to follow in order to choose the ideal type for your building.

Choosing the Right Size

Old methods of selecting garage doors no longer apply, where customers had to adapt to the seller and sometimes had to demolish part of their existing space or build an extension. Nowadays, it is not a problem to choose custom-made doors and adapt them to your current space.

Choosing the Right Material

The choice of material and surface of the garage doors is just as important as the choice of size. The key is always to think about the functionality and durability of the materials used. The most commonly used materials include aluminum, laminate, wood, or zinc. With a wide range of color shades, foils imitating different material surfaces, and the possibility of custom prints, you will definitely find exactly what you are looking for. However, always prioritize the quality of the materials used and consider protection against corrosion or minor damage (scratches, abrasions, etc.).

Suitable Type:

One hundred people, one hundred tastes, and in the world of garage doors, this is especially true. Therefore, we offer several types:

Up-and-Over Garage Doors

Hörmann up-and-over garage doors are labeled Berry and are used for both garages and individual parking spaces in multi-garages. They are suitable for unheated and heated spaces. The door leaf is one fixed unit that slides upwards and also tilts into a horizontal position when opened. When fully open, the door is stored under the garage ceiling. In our experience, up-and-over garage doors are the most popular type of garage door.

Sectional Garage Doors

As the name suggests, sectional garage doors consist of individual sections or slats. They slide vertically upwards, where they gradually tilt into a horizontal position and retract under the ceiling. Therefore, the doors do not require any space in front of or behind them, which naturally brings many advantages.

Hörmann sectional garage doors can also be used for rectangular, angled, or circular openings - their installation does not require extensive building modifications.

Rolling garage doors

Rolling garage doors are the least space-consuming of all types of doors. They consist of narrow horizontal slats that are wound on a rotating shaft located above the door. Therefore, they do not require space in front of and behind the door, nor at the garage ceiling.

Hörmann RollMatic rolling doors are equipped with a Hörmann drive as standard, which is located outside the console and is therefore easy to maintain. These garage doors start and stop very smoothly, which results not only in their quiet operation, but also in their long service life. The internal switch and garage lighting are integrated in the control cabinet.

Side sectional garage doors

Side sectional garage doors slide to the side. They are made up of vertical slats that gradually rotate as they open, so that the doors follow the garage's side wall. It is precisely because of the way they work that they can be used, for example, in garages with a sloping ceiling.

Side garage doors are equipped with an integrated door function as standard. So if you just need to take your bike out of the garage, for example, you don't have to open the entire door - you can open it only partially. This function is available regardless of whether your garage door has an electric drive or is manual.

Manual or automatic

One of the key decisions when choosing garage doors. Are you more old-school and prefer classic opening? Manual opening without electronics is the right choice. On the other hand, automatic garage doors, which are becoming more and more popular, can have many advantages, for example, in rain or very low temperatures. You can find more about the benefits of automatic garage doors here.