Roller Grilles Monte Carlo

Traditionally looking grilles used for decades. The product is ideal for protecting shop windows, entrances and dividing selling premises.

Roller Grilles Monte Carlo

The MONTE CARLO ST/CT rolling grille is made up of horizontally arranged galvanized steel tubes (Ø14 mm) that immediately catch the eye with their wavy shape. In the case of the MONTE CARLO CT type rolling grille, straight tubes are interleaved with the wave-shaped tubes to achieve higher mechanical strength. The tubes are joined together with clips made of galvanized steel sheet.

The spacing between the wave-shaped tubes is approximately 102 mm at the widest point, and the vertical clips are spaced 175 mm apart.

The top and bottom of the rolling shutter curtain feature full C102 type slats, with the lower bar capable of being equipped with a locking system.

Minimum air permeability: 69%


  • Monte Carlo ST (steel): 9.5 kg/m
  • Monte Carlo CT (steel): 12.5 kg/m