Roller Grilles Microforata

Roller Grilles has modern design perfectly protecting or dividing selling premises while keeping the optical visibility in the room high. It is one of the most asked type of roller grilles.

Roller Grilles Microforata

The MICROFORATA roller grille slats are made of steel strips (with a choice of thicknesses of 0.9 mm, 1 mm, or 1.1 mm) and are joined together using rolled locks.

The grille is made of galvanized steel, but we also offer the option of painting according to the RAL color chart.

The bottom closing slat can be supplemented with a lockable hinge system.

The MICROFORATA roller grille is installed in or behind the entrance opening up to a span of 16 m.

The grille can be equipped with both central and lateral drive systems.

Minimum air permeability: 47%


  • Steel 0.9 mm: 8.0 kg/m
  • Steel 1.0 mm: 9.5 kg/m
  • Steel 1.1 mm: 11.5 kg/m