Roller Grilles GALA

Roller grille GALA is optically airy and lightweight product suitable for protecting shop windows, entrances and closing selling areas in shopping centres, hypermarkets etc.

Roller Grilles GALA

The GALA roller grilles are made of galvanized steel pipes that connect to clips made of galvanized steel sheet. The pipes are placed horizontally with a spacing of 58 mm (R14 mm), 96 mm, or 120 mm (R18 mm) according to your choice. The distance between the connecting clips depends on the width of the roller grille and ranges from 280 to 350 mm.

The roller shutter curtain has full closure slats at both the bottom and top, with the lower one being able to be equipped with a locking folding system.

The roller grille can be mounted in or behind the opening, with a span of up to 12 meters.

It is supplied in galvanized steel as standard, but can also be painted according to the RAL color chart.

The GALA roller grille can have a central or side drive.

Minimum air permeability:

  • Spacing 58 mm: 70%
  • Spacing 96 mm: 74%
  • Spacing 120 mm: 79%


  • Spacing 58 mm: 10.5 kg/m
  • Spacing 96 mm: 9 kg/m
  • Spacing 120 mm: 7 kg/m