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High speed garage doors Aktor

High speed garage door AKTOR LCS consists of a flexible door roller blind – it is the ideal choice for shopping or warehouse premises (e. g. supermarkets). The doors are fast and safe to use. Both factors influence positively the pass and its effectivity.

High speed garage doors Aktor

They are characterized by speed and safety. Both of these factors have a crucial impact on the effective passage or transit of goods while preventing unauthorized entry. AKTOR LCS high-speed roll-up doors are equipped with complete protection of the door leaf, a flexible bottom profile, and a safety barrier. These elements protect the doors against impact.

AKTOR LCS high-speed roll-up doors are certified as emergency exits - they open automatically in case of a power outage.

Technical details

  • Self-supporting door construction
  • Side two-part aluminum pillars
  • The door leaf is made of colored vinyl - the shade of the winding leaf and the door can be chosen according to your preference
  • The motor and cylinder surface is standardly coated according to the RAL scale
  • Door control via frequency converter
  • Integrated light safety curtain
  • The door leaf can be equipped with a viewing window