Myth no 6: Automatic doors are dangerous

Automatic doors
Myth no 6: Automatic doors are dangerous

Safety of an automatic door is often discussed topic.

However, if automatic doors are properly installed and regularly maintained, there is no reason to worry. When in use, several sensitive sensors ensure safety, and with proper maintenance, there is no risk of harm to anyone's health from automatic doors.

On the contrary, in emergency situations, they can even save lives. By being able to leave them permanently open, for example, they can significantly speed up and facilitate the evacuation process during a fire. Similarly, they can be automatically closed and locked, preventing unwanted access to areas engulfed in flames, or they can be used as a prevention against fire spread. In this case, the use of fire-resistant doors is also possible, which protects your property and also reduces the risk of injury to individuals. A backup power source is also incorporated into automatic doors, which ensures their operation even in the event of a power outage. Automatic doors also offer the possibility of manual emergency opening, so they can still be used in emergencies even during a power outage and subsequent depletion of the backup power source.

Different types of doors can be combined differently depending on the evacuation plan to ensure an optimal solution for escape routes. Automatic doors and fire-resistant doors can also function as one comprehensive system across a building - when the EPS fire system is activated, selected doors will open, while others will close and protect the escape route, depending on the settings.

Security is also related to door security. Myths circulate among people that automatic doors are no obstacle for thieves and other unwelcome guests. However, the opposite is true. These doors are equipped with safety laminated glass, which means greater security for your property even when the building is left unattended. Glass automatic doors also bring another advantage, as through their large surface area, observant passers-by can spot any suspicious activity.

In some cases, it is necessary to control who enters the building and who leaves its premises for security reasons. Automatic doors controlled from reception or doors with a chip, code lock, or fingerprint are ideal solutions. So, it's just a matter of choosing what best suits your requirements.

In conclusion, automatic doors themselves are not really dangerous. They can only be dangerous in cases where their regular maintenance is neglected, which cannot be blamed on them.

On the contrary, we have shown that automatic doors can even increase safety in several different ways.

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