Myth no 1: Aluminium windows are energy inneficient

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Myth no 1: Aluminium windows are energy inneficient

As it happens the truth is totally opposite.

The assumption of energy inefficiency of aluminum windows probably stems from the past, when aluminum windows were not of high quality. However, currently, aluminum windows have a very high level of thermal insulation and often exceed, for example, plastic windows. To interrupt the thermal bridge of aluminum windows, their frames are equipped with a special thermal barrier, which prevents the transfer of heat between the inner and outer environment. Of course, the glass pane, which forms the majority of the window area, plays a very important role.

Nowadays, aluminum windows with insulating triple glazing are commonly available, which ensures not only excellent thermal but also sound insulation. However, the spaces between the individual glasses can also be filled with argon instead of air, which can achieve even higher energy efficiency. Another advantage of aluminum windows is the fact that the glass itself can be equipped with a special layer that reflects infrared radiation emanating from inside the building, thus reducing heat loss through the glazed surface. All of these elements work together to effectively prevent the transfer of outdoor temperatures into the building and, conversely, the escape of heat outside.

However, special attention should also be paid to professional installation of aluminum windows. If they are not properly installed and the space around them is not well sealed, all the above-mentioned tricks will be in vain. Therefore, always entrust this task to verified professionals.

In conclusion, contemporary aluminum windows provide excellent thermal and sound insulation, achieve energy efficiency standards, or even exceed them, and in many ways, outperform wooden or plastic windows. They have many sophisticated features, from which top-notch insulation properties follow, which can easily reduce heat loss through windows by 40 percent or more, and thus significantly reduce heating costs.

Aluminum windows, of course, have many other advantages. If you want to know what they are, just check out other debunked myths.