This assumption is not true at all. Those times when all the garage doors looked the same are gone.

Nowadays, there are countless different color and material designs, surface finishes, sizes, and types available. This allows you to always find the optimal solution that will match the color design of the facade and become a beautiful design element of the building.
When we overlook the external appearance, we have the option of choosing between manual or automatic garage doors. Each of these options has its own pros and cons, and therefore it depends more on the customer's preferences. Although it must be said that automatic garage doors do offer a few more advantages...

However, let's get back to the types of garage doors. Here, the issue is a bit more complex, so it makes sense to delve into it more deeply:

Up-and-over garage doors
This type of door is made up of a single solid panel that moves upwards and simultaneously tilts into a horizontal position when opened. In the final stage of the process, the door is positioned horizontally under the garage ceiling. To avoid having to open the entire door even when you only need to go to the garage for tools or to sulk, there is a solution in the form of up-and-over garage doors with side doors. Generally, these are the most sought-after type of garage doors.

Sectional garage doors
As the name suggests, these are garage doors made up of several sections, or individual slats, which are connected by hinges. As a result, sectional doors can be opened vertically upwards, where the slats rotate into a horizontal position and all gradually retract just under the ceiling. This design solution takes up minimal space in the garage and the doors do not protrude into the space during opening or closing. Another great advantage is that sectional garage doors can be purchased with integrated doors.

Roll-up garage doors
Roll-up garage doors are made up of narrow horizontal slats that wind up vertically on a rotating shaft when opened. This brings the benefit of preserving maximum space both in front of and behind the door, as well as at the ceiling – this is where their main advantage lies.

Side sectional garage doors
In the case of side sliding garage doors, the slats are placed vertically, and unlike the aforementioned types, they open sideways. When opening, the doors slide inside the garage, where they follow its inner wall. For this reason, they are used wherever it is not possible to install doors that open upwards due to space planning constraints (slanted ceiling, obstructing pipes, low lintel, etc.). Side garage doors can also be fitted with doors for easier access to the garage.