There are couple of information regarding window replacemement or window installing to a new construction.

To begin with, we want to reassure you that there is definitely nothing to be afraid of. Nevertheless, it is good to know what to expect and not to overlook anything so that everything goes smoothly, efficiently, and to your full satisfaction.

The best thing to do is to start the whole process from the very beginning, which means carefully selecting a suitable window supplier that you can rely on. The supplier will then certainly keep you informed, answer any questions regarding window specifications, and advise on which window systems are optimal for your property. Don't be afraid to ask anything, after all, they will be your windows. The approach of the company towards the customer can often indicate what the final outcome of their work will be (although this may not always be the case). Don't forget about the contract for work and thoroughly discuss all the details and the scope of the work with the supplier. It is ideal if one supplier can provide window production, dismantling of old windows, and installation of new windows, including all accessories such as sills or shading technology.

An expert must see the property beforehand. Only then can they best assess the situation, recommend specific solutions, and carefully measure the windows. This is followed by agreeing on a suitable date for window replacement, and finally, the D-day arrives.

When the installation team arrives, they should first greet you politely (a light-hearted comment or an attempt at a joke). To avoid unnecessary delays, prepare appropriate conditions for them beforehand. All the windows that are to be replaced should be easily accessible with the new ones, and there should be sufficient space around them for manipulation (at least a radius of 1 meter). Window dismantling cannot be done without creating a mess, so cover the furniture, but also the electronics, if necessary. It is also desirable to cover the floor (e.g. with cardboard or old carpets) both near the windows and on the way to them. In any case, there is no need to stress out. If something is not properly covered or you cannot move heavier pieces of furniture, the installation team will handle everything. These are rather steps that can facilitate the installation process for the team and speed it up overall.

Before starting to dismantle anything, it is necessary to review the order and verify if everything matches reality, i.e. if the company brought windows that correspond to the building openings and if they brought everything they were supposed to bring. If everything is in order, there is nothing left to do but to start working. Now it's up to you not to stress out unnecessarily. Experienced window installers work with maximum caution and try not to damage anything. And if such a situation were to occur, the supplying company is insured, and compensation for damages should not be a problem for them. When everything goes as planned, the window replacement process usually takes a few days, depending on the number of windows and their complexity.