Manually operated carussel doors

Manually operated carussel door is the all time classics thanks to its look.

Manually operated carussel doors

In addition to their representative appearance, revolving doors also bring practical advantages that result from their structural design. When revolving doors are opened, there is no direct exchange of air between the interior and exterior, which prevents heat loss (or cold air loss in summer months). This principle also prevents drafts and blocks outside noise.

Revolving doors allow for smooth passage of people in both directions, making them suitable for busy places such as airports, shopping malls, or public buildings.

We offer a wide selection of GEZE revolving doors that can be customized for a given object, both in terms of size and design.

Mechanical revolving doors: (download brochure here...)

minimum dome height (mm) 75
internal diameter of the carousel (mm) 1800 - 3000
max. passage height of the carousel (mm) 3000
number of carousel wings 3/4 yes/yes
panic function - break out version yes