glass carousel-type revolving door

Entering area is the part of a building that influences the first impression the most. In case you need noble and respectable impresion for your building a glass carousel-type revolving door is the right choice.

glass carousel-type revolving door

This is a design element that immediately catches the eye, not only with its sophisticated appearance.

Fully glazed revolving doors are of course also perfectly functional. Thanks to the fact that there is no direct exchange of air between the interior and exterior during their rotation, they save costs for heating or air conditioning. In addition, they prevent drafts and noise from entering.

Fully glazed revolving doors are available in a fully automatic version, where they are triggered by motion sensors, or in a Push&Go version - the motor is started by pushing the door leaf.

Revolving doors are particularly suitable for highly trafficked areas, as they allow for smooth passage in both directions at once.

Mechanical revolving doors: (download brochure here...)

min. dome height (mm) 17/25
internal diameter of carousel (mm) 1800 - 3300
max. passage height of carousel (mm) 3000
number of leaves in carousel 3/4 yes/yes
panic function - break out version