Myth no 5: Automatic garage doors are dangerous

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Myth no 5: Automatic garage doors are dangerous

Automatic garage doors can become dangerous when neglecting the regular service.

Of course, it is important to keep in mind that we are dealing with a large and heavy mechanism that must be handled with respect. Although the gates are equipped with safety sensors that detect movement in their immediate vicinity and automatically stop the gates if the safety zone is breached, we can best prevent damage to property and harm to people or pets by using them correctly and carefully. Especially with children, we should explain that garage doors are not toys.

Safety is also related to security. In this area, we find several ways to secure garage doors. For example, the garage door opener can be set to automatically close the door after a certain period of time. Such automatic door closing is useful in cases where you leave home and forget to close the garage. Another advantage is the ability to connect the door to lighting.

This not only brings greater convenience, but also helps detect any unwanted guests. And if you also connect the door to your home alarm, you can achieve an even higher level of security. There are even gate systems that can be monitored remotely through an app on your smartphone.

This makes it possible to monitor the movement and current position of the gates from anywhere in the world, or to be notified by the app when the gates are in motion. If you want to take the security of your garage to the next level, you can have the door fitted with a code lock or even a fingerprint scanner.

In conclusion, if you entrust the regular maintenance of your garage doors to service technicians and handle the doors with care, there is no danger. As for security, modern garage doors offer several sophisticated solutions that will always keep your property in the garage completely safe.

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