Myth no 5: Aluminium windows are way too expensive

Aluminium constructions
Myth no 5: Aluminium windows are way too expensive

Firstly yes, the price of aluminium windows can be higher than other materials however, the aluminium windows are more quality, design characteristic are higher and last but not least are durable and help with the energetic efectivity of the building.

You can always fully rely on honestly made aluminum windows. They will please your eye and, in the end, even your wallet will not be exhausted.

Great emphasis should always be placed on proper installation of aluminum windows. In this case, it does not pay off to save. If the installation and sealing are not done correctly, even the highest quality aluminum windows are useless. On the other hand, when skilled professionals take care of the installation of aluminum windows, it is guaranteed that the windows will perfectly serve their purpose and can reduce the heat energy leakage from the interior by more than 40%. Here we are already getting to the return on investment and the benefits of aluminum windows. Lower heat loss in winter is, of course, associated with lower heating bills, and in summer, the air cooled by air conditioning will not escape through the windows, which means less electricity consumed.

Another bonus is the color stability of aluminum windows. Thanks to it, it is not necessary to treat the windows with maintenance paint over time, as is the case with wooden windows, for example. So you will also save on colors.
And speaking of colors... You certainly do not have to worry that you will not find the shade or surface treatment of aluminum windows that will perfectly match the rest of the exterior. Aluminum windows offer countless options, much more than plastic or wooden windows. However, this is not the only design feature in which aluminum windows excel. Their attractiveness also comes from the characteristics of the frames. They are significantly narrower and can be much larger, and can therefore be fitted with large-format glass.

The best aluminum windows have top-notch design that is simply priceless... They will reliably serve for up to 30 years, and so the investment in them will eventually not only pay off, but will also earn you some extra money in the form of savings.

Aluminum windows have, of course, many other advantages. If you want to know what they are, just explore other debunked myths.