Myth no 4: Automatic doors are not cost-effective

Automatic doors
Myth no 4: Automatic doors are not cost-effective

It can look like that the price is not worth it.

When deciding to purchase automatic doors, it is necessary to consider a number of important factors. When we think about the lifespan of the doors, the energy savings that their installation will bring, and the possibility of using low-cost solutions, the use of automatic door closers begins to appear in a completely different light.

When maintenance of automatic doors is not neglected and regular professional servicing is provided, they will function for many years, and over time, the investment in them will be reliably returned (for example, in the form of the aforementioned savings).

There are also several available solutions for automatic doors that have very low power consumption. These include, for example, automatic revolving doors. These are essentially standard manual doors that are supplemented with an automatic door drive.

This results in the following advantage - when door usage is low, they can be switched to manual mode; on the other hand, the doors can be fully automatic during times when the number of people passing through is high. In other words, the drive of the revolving doors can only be in operation when it is necessary, which will ultimately result in minimal energy consumption. Additionally, an electric door drive can also be installed on your existing manual doors. With minimal investment, you can gain countless advantages that automatic door opening brings.

Another option, for example, is semi-automatic doors, which are put into operation by pressing a button or pushing them. They do not have as many sensors, so they are cheaper and also do not consume much electricity due to the principle of their operation.

Automatic doors may have a higher price than standard manual doors, but they offer added value in the form of the aforementioned advantages. Moreover, it is clear that affordable solutions are also available, which almost anyone can afford.

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