Myth no 3: Automatic doors does not provide any advantages over machanical doors

Automatic doors
Myth no 3: Automatic doors does not provide any advantages over machanical doors

They surely do.

And they all stem from the fact that they open/close automatically, so there is no need to pull a handle or knob when using them.

Imagine a situation where you need to go through a door and your hands are full – you may be carrying luggage or a large shopping bag. In such moments, it is always more convenient when the door opens by itself. That is why automatic doors are so often used in public spaces such as hotels, shopping centers, hospitals, or airports. They are, of course, installed in these places due to the high volume of people, as they can easily ensure smooth passage through these areas. For example, automatic revolving doors are perfect wherever it is necessary to secure smooth movement of people in both directions at once.

Automatic doors are also friendly to disabled or elderly people. For individuals who require a wheelchair or crutches to move around, it is very difficult to open heavy entrance doors or overcome thresholds. This is not a problem with automatic doors, and physically disadvantaged people are therefore significantly facilitated in their daily functioning.

In addition to providing greater comfort to all user groups, automatic entrance doors offer at least one other advantage, which is related to hygiene. No contact with a handle/knob = no transmission of bacteria.

And finally, one more benefit, which is more of an advantage for the owners of automatic doors than for the users themselves. Automatic doors are simply an attractive feature that will enhance any entrance area. Believe that your customers or visitors will certainly appreciate their presence, not only for the reasons mentioned above.

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