Myth no 2: Aluminium windows do not have any advantages

Aluminium constructions
Myth no 2: Aluminium windows do not have any advantages

Are you considerich changing windows and cannot decide? We can help you to choose between aluminium, plactic or wooden window frames.

We will try to convince you that aluminum windows have many advantages over others.

Most of the benefits come from the properties of the material itself. The aluminum window frame is very strong (up to three times stronger than a plastic frame, and even fifty times stronger than a wooden frame), so it is possible to install a larger glass panel than with other frames. Large-format aluminum windows are ideal for commercial buildings, but also for your home, where with an aluminum French window or even an entire glass wall, they offer a stunning view of the garden.

Another benefit of the strength of aluminum is that the aluminum window frame can be much narrower than other frames, achieving greater aesthetics. In addition, you can choose from countless colors of aluminum windows and surface treatments of their frames. This means that you can choose from matte, glossy, or metallic colors, brushed aluminum windows, and other frame textures, or even choose a frame that imitates wood. You will always find exactly what best suits the building. It is certainly to the advantage of the matter that the surface of aluminum windows can be treated differently from the exterior and interior sides.

Once an aluminum window frame is surface treated during production, it does not require any maintenance painting in the future, as is the case with wooden windows. Aluminum windows are very resistant to weather conditions, they do not crack or fade. Unlike windows made of other materials, they never warp or distort. With minimal care, aluminum windows will look like new for many years. While plastic windows, for example, last for about 15-20 years and tend to look worn out after only five years, aluminum windows should reliably serve for two to three decades.

And when they do finally reach the end of their service life, know that they can be very effectively recycled. Even with repeated aluminum recycling, its quality does not decrease, and 95% less energy is consumed than in its production, making it one of the most recyclable metals ever. Aluminum windows are therefore not only very durable, but also environmentally friendly.

Of course, aluminum windows have many other advantages. If you want to know what they are, just take a look at other debunked myths.