Myth no 2: All the automatic doors the same

Automatic doors
Myth no 2: All the automatic doors the same

No they don't. You really don't need to sacrifise design when requiring the functionality and vice versa.

Doors are available in various designs, allowing you to choose their shape, color, surface finish, and of course, type. It is always possible to find a solution that fits the building perfectly, or even becomes its remarkable architectural feature.

As for the types of automatic doors, there are at least three basic categories:

Automatic sliding doors
Sliding doors are available in several different variants, such as linear doors, telescopic doors, arc doors, circular doors, folding doors, corner doors... For example, linear doors are ideal for places where opening towards the room is undesirable; folding glass doors in automatic design offer maximum door space with minimal occupied area; circular or arc sliding doors provide the building with an elegant and noble look.

Automatic revolving doors
Automatic revolving doors find the best application in busy places where it is necessary to ensure smooth passage of a large number of people in both directions. They can bring significant energy savings, prevent drafts, and thus ensure favorable and uniform climate in the building.

Automatic swing doors
A solution that combines the advantages of automatic and manual doors. It is essentially a compromise – the automatic door opening drive can be turned off if necessary, and the doors can then be used as ordinary manual doors. This makes it possible to use the doors very efficiently - when the number of passing people is high, they can be fully automatic, if the operation is milder, the doors can be switched to manual mode, or the power of the electric drive can be partially used to facilitate opening the doors (e.g. for heavy doors).

To sum up, there are many different types of automatic doors available, each offering different advantages and suitability for different places. If you are not sure which one to choose, let us know. Together we will definitely find the best possible solution for your spaces.

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