Myth no 1: Automatic doors are not durable

Automatic doors
Myth no 1: Automatic doors are not durable

False. High quality automatic door can handle more than 1M close/open cycles.

During these cycles, a greater distance is figuratively covered than a typical passenger car would drive during its lifespan.

By their very nature, automatic doors have the advantage over traditional doors that a person passing through them does not have to touch them at all. Automatic door opening brings greater user comfort and significantly limits the possibility of door damage due to human factors. With automatic doors, no one will force them open, slam them shut with excessive force, or leave them open to subsequently slam shut due to drafts.

Of course, we do not claim that electric door closers and the doors themselves are immortal. Given the high frequency of opening/closing, it is necessary to perform regular maintenance on automatic doors. It is similar to the aforementioned automobile – the more kilometers you drive, the more frequently you should visit a service center, preferably an authorized one...

Automatic doors are no exception in this regard. The more they are used, the more we recommend regular service inspections by professionals.

The assumption that automatic doors do not last long is therefore unfounded. If basic usage and maintenance rules are followed, they will serve you reliably for many years.

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