Myth 4: All the aluminium windows are the same

Aluminium constructions
Myth 4: All the aluminium windows are the same

You will see the difference when looking closer.

However, when you take a closer look at them, you will admit that the times when all aluminum windows looked the same and were not very high quality are long gone.

Thanks to the almost endless range of types, surface treatments of the frame, and glass filling options, they now offer a wide range of possibilities, both within economically acceptable solutions and the most complicated and sophisticated systems. Compared to plastic or wooden windows, there is the greatest selection of diverse designs. With a wide range of various colors, windows, and frame textures, you can be sure that you will always find a variant that will perfectly match the rest of the building.

Previously, aluminum windows were mainly used for commercial buildings, but now, due to their aesthetic and other advantages, such as a narrow frame, the aforementioned color selection, and easy maintenance, they are increasingly creeping into our homes. In addition to conventional aluminum windows, you can also see aluminum roof windows, aluminum cellar windows, as well as atypical aluminum windows, such as round or corner aluminum windows, on houses.

However, we can distinguish four basic types:

Opening aluminum windows
Classic windows with a sash attached to vertical hinges. Most often, single-sash aluminum windows are used, but the double-sash variant is also available. The advantage of these windows lies in the fact that they can be fully opened, letting in a lot of fresh air into the house.

Tilting aluminum windows
Windows with horizontal hinges that can be opened like a vent. This type of opening is mainly used for small aluminum windows (e.g., cellar aluminum windows or aluminum windows for bathrooms), or where it is not possible to use windows that open to the side.

Opening-tilting aluminum windows
A combination of the two types of aluminum windows mentioned above. Their great advantage lies in the possibility of fully opening them in nice weather, or only partially opening them during rain or winter.

Fixed aluminum windows
These systems are most commonly used for large aluminum windows that cannot be opened. However, through them, you can perceive the beauties of the garden and other adjacent scenery in full splendor. In addition to breathtaking views, large-format aluminum windows will also bring a flood of light into your home and will generally air out the interior.

All aluminum windows are definitely not the same, as can be seen, there are a whole range of different solutions available, each with something to offer.

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