Myth 3: Aluminium windows are not ecological

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Myth 3: Aluminium windows are not ecological

The assumption is not true at all. The aluminium window frames are very energy effective therefore their environmental influence is very low.

From the total energy consumption of a household, the largest part is used for heating the building, so reducing heat loss is the best way to reduce the overall energy demand of the house. In addition to insulation, we can also achieve this by replacing old or poor quality windows, as it has been proven that around 40% of heat energy escapes through them and around them. By installing high-quality aluminum windows, this can be relatively easily prevented. In the summer, their insulation properties keep the air cooled by air conditioning inside better.

It is precisely because of their excellent insulation properties that we often supply aluminum windows for passive houses.

Aluminum windows can simply relieve not only your wallet but also the environment. However, they are not only ecological for the above reasons. Aluminum window frames have a small environmental impact even in terms of the material from which they are made. Aluminum is very durable and can be recycled without a decrease in quality. Recycling one ton of aluminum saves about four tons of bauxite and only 5% of the energy that would normally be used to produce new aluminum is used - this prevents up to nine tons of carbon dioxide from being released. Worldwide, recycling aluminum scrap currently produces 80 million tons less of greenhouse gases per year, which is equivalent to removing 15 million cars from the roads.

In short, the highest quality aluminum windows are eco-friendly. They significantly reduce energy consumption in several ways. Not only do they have top-notch thermal insulation properties that prevent heat loss from the building, but they are also made from a material that can be recycled very effectively, saving the energy required to produce it and reducing emissions overall. And when you buy Czech aluminum windows, you leave an even smaller carbon footprint.

Of course, aluminum windows have many other advantages. If you want to know what they are, just read other debunked myths.